Hair coloring at home

Nowadays we run to YouTube or IGTV to figure out at home remedies for coloring our hair. Some attempts are breathtaking others to say the least are unfortunate. Hi my name is Alexandria Hiers I work at Spoke and Weal Flatiron and here are some temporary color  fixes during quarantine.

Grey Coverage  

Use temporary color (powder, spray, crayon) DPHue, Color Wow, Bumble & Bumble

DPHue touch up kit over any store brand color. Only do your partline and hairline.


Color Shampoo and conditioners that add tone: Fanola, DPHue, etc.

Fashion Colors

Color conditioners (Uberliss, Maria Nila Sotckholm)

We Do Not Recommend Home Hair Color For The Following

Highlights or dimension

Double Process

Anyone going lighter


We recommend trying new styles, switching your part, diffusing or creating more texture, also embracing your roots (it's in)!

We are all in this together!