New hero and new story:

«My name is Ken and I am 27 years old, I fell in love with modeling after posing for my dad on one of his projects and have wanted to get into modeling since then. Being in front of the camera and being allowed to express myself gave me such a sense of joy that I would love to pursue it as a career. I’ve always loved being an influence on people’s lives and feel that modeling gives me the opportunity to share my passion with the world. As a photographer I have worked with many models and know how to give and take direction to enhance the creativity. 

Modeling is all about confidence it is my way of showing my personality through movements. Through modeling I can enhance outfits with photography. I know how to own angles and express motion through poses. I relish in the opportunity to model different styles as it allows me to connect with people with different taste and express the many aspects of my character. For me there is no particular level of success because I experiment and try different fashion styles and never stop learning.»