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Sara Viklund, owner of the newest boutique hair salon in SoHo, has been doing hair for over 17 years. Originally from Sweden, she has an impressive background and extensive training from both Europe and Singapore.

Having built a clientele in Tribeca and SoHo for almost a decade, she has now opened her first salon on 25 Thompson Street.

Sara specializes in babylights, a blonde highlighting technique that is very easy to maintain. She also provides short and long haircuts for both men and women.

Her team includes lead colorist and stylist Caitlin Fleming, a New York local with outstanding talent that includes custom formula blending, balayage and blonde. Another skilled team member is Krista Pruent, who has elaborate experience in vivid colors, make-up and unisex haircuts and styling.

Everyone that works at the cutting factory has had a minimum of a decade in the industry. The culture of the brand is to enjoy an intimate and cheerful setting while being in the hands of the trusted artist.

The Grand opening that took place on May 9th included clients, neighbors, and friends. It was an evening filled with joy and support to celebrate an American dream come true.

Israel is the "heart" of history, culture and religion. Every year, the country attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists who want to explore ancient history, enjoy the beauty of the land and immerse themselves in religious traditions. The country is also known for its scientific, technological and economic achievements, which demonstrate its ability to be among the best countries in the world. Israel is one of the world leaders in the number of scientific research per capita and has one of the highest concentrations of startups in the world. Surprisingly, the people of Israel have not only preserved their ancient traditions, but have always sought to be a leader in modern technology and innovation.

Najd specializes in creating magical products that combine the beauty of scents with the power of beneficial ingredients for skin and hair. This cosmetic line emphasizes natural beauty without causing any harm. Delicate and at the same time very light aromas of powdery musk create a feeling of comfort and warmth, and also add a touch of sensuality and charm, which a woman living in a big city will really like. The aroma of lavender is like a soothing breeze that will gently carry you into a quiet, blooming garden.

The bright cosmetics brand T McDonald Cosmetics has already become part of the confessional family. The brand’s products are of high quality, discreet design and unique ingredients. Cosmetics satisfy all the needs and desires of customers. Lipsticks, eye shadow and other products are suitable for both daily use and special events. But the main mission of the brand is to normalize bringing awareness to healing and mental health through beauty.

When a person looks good, he feels better.

The brand is often used by professional makeup artists. According to experts, this cosmetics is superior in quality to many other popular brands...

My name is Mardin and I came to Sweden as an unaccompanied child refugee about a year ago. I was 15 years old at the time, and I was fleeing from the government in Iran. I participated in the revolution and supported the march for Women's Freedom on May 12, 2022.

The Iranian government executed several people for participating in these protests. I was also punished. At that time, my punishment was a fine, jail, and flogging. But maybe it could have been even worse. My friends did not manage to escape execution.

Like many other people involved in the protests, at some point I realized that I would achieve nothing while on Iranian territory, and my death would eventually be another proof of the superiority of the Iranian government.

I realized that I wanted a different future for myself in a good and prosperous country that would provide me with protection.

I chose Sweden because it is a country with a good democracy.

I learned Swedish quickly enough, learned how to play professional football and dreamed of living a long and happy life here. But dreams can remain dreams.

I live under threat of deportation to Iran. The Swedish Migration Agency decided that if I was deported, my life would no longer be in danger. My application for asylum was rejected several times.

There are many terrible things in Iran that I have seen with my own eyes and that cannot be forgotten. People are subjected to all kinds of torture because religion dictates so. I don't agree with that! Today I have converted to Christianity and I no longer want to have anything to do with this country and these laws! When my relatives saw that I had become a Christian, they began to threaten me.

Dear Government of Sweden!

Be merciful! Only you can help me today!

In return, I am ready to work for the benefit of the Swedish people and do many good deeds.


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