About men ...

Today we have time to talk about men ... Yes. We'll talk about men. One of our magazine issues was already dedicated to women. But we haven't talked about men yet. Let's imagine modern New York. This city isn't as dusty as it used to be. Crowds no longer walk through the city center. You can see each person separately. If you pay more attention, you will see how the image of the modern gentleman has changed recently. Now more and more often you can meet men with a beautiful body who know how to take care of themselves. In New York, men have always had a special charm.
Now even more so.
Only the most beautiful men who can be cast in movies come to New York. And photographer @rjr10036 shoots real masterpieces with a beautiful naked male body. If the situation does not change, then New York will be number one in the list of cities where the most beautiful men live.