An open letter to the Swedish government from Iranian refugee Mardin Kakaweisi.

My name is Mardin and I came to Sweden as an unaccompanied child refugee about a year ago. I was 15 years old at the time, and I was fleeing from the government in Iran. I participated in the revolution and supported the march for Women's Freedom on May 12, 2022.

The Iranian government executed several people for participating in these protests. I was also punished. At that time, my punishment was a fine, jail, and flogging. But maybe it could have been even worse. My friends did not manage to escape execution.

Like many other people involved in the protests, at some point I realized that I would achieve nothing while on Iranian territory, and my death would eventually be another proof of the superiority of the Iranian government.

I realized that I wanted a different future for myself in a good and prosperous country that would provide me with protection.

I chose Sweden because it is a country with a good democracy.

I learned Swedish quickly enough, learned how to play professional football and dreamed of living a long and happy life here. But dreams can remain dreams.

I live under threat of deportation to Iran. The Swedish Migration Agency decided that if I was deported, my life would no longer be in danger. My application for asylum was rejected several times.

There are many terrible things in Iran that I have seen with my own eyes and that cannot be forgotten. People are subjected to all kinds of torture because religion dictates so. I don't agree with that! Today I have converted to Christianity and I no longer want to have anything to do with this country and these laws! When my relatives saw that I had become a Christian, they began to threaten me.

Dear Government of Sweden!

Be merciful! Only you can help me today!

In return, I am ready to work for the benefit of the Swedish people and do many good deeds.