Autism is something that many people prefer to keep quiet about. Quite often people with autism are bypassed.

It is quite difficult for society to realize that autistic people are the same people as everyone else…

Very soon the world will know a little more…

"MANDY’S VOICE is about isolation and human connection; not only accepting someone who appears different on the outside but fully embracing that individual for who they are ~ and owning one’s voice." - Roxanna Lewis

This film's story is inspired by the true life events of a few exceptional non-verbal teens residing at “Peace of Heart” community – an innovative environment of belonging for persons with autism. This poetic film is the very first narrative short - or feature film - to tell a story about an individual with Autism through authentic casting along with non-neurotypical individuals working behind the camera as well.  This uplifting short film will open doors and reach audiences around the world through film festivals and beyond.