New interview with actress and model Kristen Bonifacio:

Do you have any favorite places in New York?

Definitely! I love my city, some of my favorite places are the Natural Museum Of History, Fort Tryon Park, Central Park, The East Village, Union Square, and all the art museums are my top happy places in New York. 

What Do You Love About NYC? 

I love the culture, I love how you can get the feeling that you’re in a whole different country depending on where you are in the city, New York is full of so much diversity, art and music, not to mention a lot of opportunities.

How Do You Spend Your Free Time? 

Before the pandemic I’d spend my time in museums, parks, art and music shows. Now sadly most of my time is indoors. I am however trying to make the best of it, i’ve been creating content online with makeup and clothing sent to me by some amazing brands. 

How Has The Pandemic Affected You?

It’s affected me mostly in my motherhood, my son was born in January 2020. The virus broke out in late February / early March so his entire life has been indoors, it saddens me that he hasn’t gotten the chance to truly see the world or get to know our family. But I am hopeful for the future, I know things will get better all in due time.

Photographer: @kayyymar 

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