On October 1, 1907, the magnificent Plaza Hotel opened its doors for the first time. At that time, the hotel was not very popular. A person had to pay only $2.5 in order to stay here overnight. This is almost 58.2 dollars in translation into our money. In 1943, Conrad Nicholson Hilton purchased the hotel for $7.4 million. Then the hotel was resold many more times. In 1988, Donald Trump purchased the hotel for $ 407.5 million.

Today, the Plaza still remains the main symbol of New York. Tourists from all over the world stop here. At one time, important contracts were concluded on the territory of the hotel.

The Beatles chose this hotel during their first visit to New York.

The Plaza is a model of luxury. This hotel fits perfectly into the 21st century.

Not many people know that the Plaza is also an architectural monument, which is always a pleasure to talk about.