Sad story

There are no words ... Just tears ... Just read to the end ... This cat's name was Kuzya. He didn't live in New York and wasn't famous. This cat was not of the owners. He lived in a small town in Russia. People tried three times to find owners for this cat, but it ran away and eventually settled in the basement of the house. A cat named Kuzya loves people very much. He had a very kind heart. Kuzya spent every day with people and drove away other cats. Over time, the whole street fell in love with Kuzya. Kuzma never hurt anyone and could even fight with dogs for people. And this morning Kuzya was found dead. Presumably, this cat was blown up by fireworks. Most likely, this was done by children for whom their parents bought a huge number of such non-childish toys. The remains of fireworks were found near the cat. Kuzma died because of his infinite love for people. From now on, this cat becomes the symbol of our magazine. His kind heart will stay with us forever. Now every year on January 4, we will reward people who have done good deeds. This applies to helping homeless animals, homeless and sick people.