From Castle Hill into the world, James Ferrell has a colorful history. From music to fashion to sports, few can say they’ve done it all quite like James can. For the past 13 years, James has been working closely with Sprayground, a bags and accessories company. And for the ladder six years, he’s held the critical role of Vice President of the company, working alongside founder and CEO, David BenDavid. Together, they have launched countless back to back campaigns, growing Sprayground into a global phenomenon.

James’s responsibilities at Sprayground range from managing departments to financing to opening opportunities for collaborations. Notable partnerships include NBA Young Boy, Jarvis Landry, Young Dolph, Jon Z, Dream Doll, countless athletes, and many more. 

Recently, James created the first of his own collaborations with Sprayground: James First Class. This line of luxury bags blends Sprayground’s travel aesthetic with James’s joie de vivre. He thanks Sandflower Dyson, the Creative Director of Sprayground, for his first opportunity to model. During her African Intelligence collaboration with the brand, James conquered the camera, even posing on horseback. He now models for the yearly collaboration with Smurfs, as Papa Smurf himself. With this unstoppable approach to life, and the opportunity from BenDavid, James is taking the world by storm. First class style.