THE CONFESSIONAL SHOWROOM - a special place for special of people

The Confessional Showroom has been successfully retaining the status of the best showroom in Manhattan for a long time. It is always possible to find exclusive clothes for photo shoots and the red carpet here. In a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, each client will be able to easily choose the most suitable outfit for himself.

In 2014, CEO Johnny S. Cohen founded a small company that eventually grew into an entire empire. Today The Confessional Showroom provides a whole range of services for its clients. In the showroom it is possible not only to put together a beautiful image, but also to immediately do a photo shoot for the cover of a magazine. It has long been impossible to count the number of star clients. The clothes were worn by such famous people as model Carmen Dell’Orefice, Jim Carrey, Paris Hilton and many others.
The Confessional Showroom cooperates only with the most influential representatives of the fashion world.

Not long ago, stylists helped gather models for the main project of NYFW and the magazine “My New York” - “Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.
All participants in the shooting left their comments, which we publish below:

Chrissy Tina

«The Confessional Showroom isn’t just any ordinary showroom that you would walk into. It’s a showroom full of fashion and art. You can literally find anything that will fit your style. Whether it’s for a fashion showcase, a high fashion photoshoot, or an everyday event, this showroom will give you the fit you need.

I came in as a last min stylist and though we couldn’t find what we needed to fit the mood board due to high demand during the NYFW2023, we still manage to put something spectacular.

Here is a sample photo of what I was able to style for this “4 Horseman Apocalyptic” shoot from The Confessional Showroom »

Karla Tomanelli

«You never know who you’ll run into at The Confessional Room! Between celebritys and stylists, it’s the go to place for the most unique pieces - whether for an editorial or a special event!»


«The Confessional Showroom is more than just a showroom. Its a place of Freedom… The clothes have expressions and personalities as well as the stylists and their clients. This is a place you would look forward to going to knowing you will get the best of the best in each item chosen. The customer service is A1. Its like being at home in your closet being able to choose top teir everything. The stylist are like friends helpin you pick out an outfit before the club… They make you feel that comfortable and confident. If you are ever in Nyc please stop by the confessional Showroom before an event an I can gurantee you wont be disappointed. See you soon.»


«Johnny Cohen creates a unique and comforting take on a showroom by making it all about the experience. It isn’t an overwhelming array of items, and the staff is beyond helpful.»


«From the moment you walk in you can feel the energy of the high paced fashion world. The couture clothing is absolutely gorgeous and the people that work there were incredible.»

On September 12, the main fashion show from The Confessional Showroom will take place at the Nebula nightclub. New York’s most stylish people will gather here to celebrate the successful conclusion of fashion week. It is not so easy to get into the secret society (the title of the show). Invitations are only for selected people. Our readers still have a chance to attend the event. Just email:
This has never happened in New York before!