The Heart of Israel

Israel is the "heart" of history, culture and religion. Every year, the country attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists who want to explore ancient history, enjoy the beauty of the land and immerse themselves in religious traditions. The country is also known for its scientific, technological and economic achievements, which demonstrate its ability to be among the best countries in the world. Israel is one of the world leaders in the number of scientific research per capita and has one of the highest concentrations of startups in the world. Surprisingly, the people of Israel have not only preserved their ancient traditions, but have always sought to be a leader in modern technology and innovation.

However, after the war unleashed by Hamas militants, life in Israel changed. Today, clouds have gathered over the holy land and more and more Jews are praying near the wailing wall for the kidnapped hostages and world peace.  Against the background of the numerous wars that exist in various states, it is the military conflict between Israel and Palestine that seems to be the most difficult and most discussed. It is hard to believe that a once peaceful country has now become hostile for some groups of people.

Supporters of Palestine are calling for Israel to be isolated from society. But there are also those who, no matter what, remain true to their opinions and support the country in difficult times for it. At one of her concerts in London, Madonna spoke out in support of Israel. And Floyd Mayweather even sent supplies to the country on his private plane.

Michael Douglas and many others asked for the hostages to be returned home…

On a piece of paper on the Internet, a young guy drew an Israeli soldier who kills people and scares everyone around.

How did it happen that the people of Israel today have become bloodthirsty murderers?! Why did people who saved the world from various diseases for so long and gave us so many useful things become enemies at one point?!

And who is behind the dissemination of such information? Will we ever find out?!

Experts believe that wars in different countries are beneficial to many today. The war in Israel was no exception. Innocent residents of both countries are taking the blow. And this is the horror. Fighting for new territories, people lose control and after some time the soldiers themselves confirm the fact that no one needed the war. But the civilian population cannot be brought back.

It is also impossible to bring back the people killed at a music festival. It is impossible to bring back those who simply tried to live...

In any case, Israel was and remains a country that has a special status in the world. This very place is mentioned in the holy scriptures as the land of the future. Perhaps we should all think about this topic?!…