The premiere of the film "One Week 'Til Doomsday".

A few hours ago the documentary One Week 'Til Doomsday premiered in New York. This is a unique project from the young and talented director Connor Malbeuf.

Not so long ago, Americans had to make the most difficult choice in their lives.

In 2020 , the country was supposed to choose the 46th President of the United States of America.

The previous year turned out to be very difficult not only for Americans, but also for all residents of the globe. This year, the world faced coronavirus for the first time. America has lost a lot of people. In the same year, the murder of George Floyd took place.

Against the backdrop of a huge number of negative events, people were waiting for good news. The 2020 election was supposed to change the lives of Americans.

The movie "One Week 'Til Doomsday" was filmed during the election race. It is possible to see the real emotions of the voters here. Despite the fact that the country was divided into two camps, each person had one common goal. People wanted to get the right to a better future.

In the film, you can hear the opinions of different parties.

Despite the fact that the film is a documentary, it is interesting and easy to watch.

We really liked the fact that people from the LGBTQ+ community were involved during the filming. Previously, no one took their opinion seriously.

Today, the film travels to different states, causing a storm of positive emotions in viewers.