The war in Ukraine. A fresh look... (editor-in-chief Alice B.)

A few years ago, few of us would have been able to imagine the events of today…

We almost managed to come to terms with the coronavirus, and now the world is again in a state of panic due to the war in Ukraine.

Every day shells explode and civilians are killed on the territory of Kiev, Mariupol, Donbass and many other cities.

Our fellow journalists are dying during their work.

It's impossible to watch the world crumble.

Everything that we have been building for years can just disappear in an instant.

Can we think of a happy future during the mass murder of people?!

Can we remain indifferent

when others are dying?!


This is not the reality we need!

We support civilians who are now in Ukraine.

We support our fellow journalists who risk their lives in order to show us the truth.

We support the families of the deceased people.

We are not ready to put up with what is happening today!

We need peace, and we call on the military of both countries to lay down their arms!

The lives of innocent people today depend on your decision!

It's time to act!!!