There is no place for war

The Library of Congress has over 38 million books and other printed materials on its shelves.Here, in addition to our magazine, it is possible to find important records of those events that took place in the world long before our birth. In 1814, Washington was practically scorched by the British. Many priceless books burned down. Over time, the library was restored, but part of the history was already lost ...

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Today, in some book from the Library of Congress, we can read about how many unpleasant consequences the war brought us. Innocent people died. The war has deprived us of the most valuable artifacts. The war has not brought anything good to this world.

During the Second World War, 27 million people died. It was a real disaster that could have been avoided. It is possible, but...

For a while, diplomacy ruled the world. Thanks to the ability to negotiate, politicians could maintain good relations with each other and help their country. It was impossible to imagine that anyone would refuse to follow the rules and choose their own path.

It was quite difficult to imagine the outcome of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

This is the end of diplomatic relations and the beginning of something new.

In a few years, we may find a mention of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the pages of some book, but we hardly want to read it.

Today war is not a reason for pride! The world has changed! There is no place for cruelty here! It's time to think about it!