New York is beautiful at any time of the day. But many are sure that it is at night that an amazing atmosphere reigns in the city. Foreigners often use New York City night shots to decorate their apartments. Do you like New York at night? These amazing shots from the photographer: @the_Shinster

Friends! Tomorrow we are starting to prepare a new issue of the magazine about Halloween. If you have colorful pictures and interesting stories, then send them to us. We will be glad!

Friends! Never forget that the coronavirus is still with us. Try to visit public places less. Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Friends! Today is a special day! On September 11, 2001, a series of terrorist attacks took place in the United States of America. Fighters of the terrorist group "Al-Qaeda" hijacked 4 planes, which must have achieved their goals. Many people died. It was scary!!! Today we honor the memory of those who perished and want to say that we support different categories of people. But we will never support terrorists !!! All evil in the world must be punished !!!

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Friends! The new issue of the magazine is available in the gallery! And we continue

The new issue of the magazine is coming soon. All good days and excellent mood!

Friends! Our new issue of the magazine will be ready soon. We will touch on one of the most pressing topics today - creativity. 2020 has brought many challenges to a wide variety of areas. Today it is very important for us to return to our usual way of life as soon as possible and not to lose ourselves. Some artists around the world start looking for other jobs and move to other cities. But we just have to do our best so that creativity in New York does not disappear and people continue to create beautiful things. All the details in the new issue.

Friends! Now in New York, the situation is quite difficult! Many people's businesses are at risk due to the coronavirus. Once again, we want to remind you that we are ready to provide support. If your business is now in a critical situation, then write to us. We will do absolutely free advertising for you on our sites. We really want New York to be able to quickly return to the usual way of life.

New York doesn't look the same anymore. Many well-known publications print that the city is dead, and this can be put to an end. But we will never put a full stop where an ellipsis can be. This city is sure to go through bad times. For us, New York is the real heart of America. Dreams live here. We believe that things will still work out. For every person, this is his New York.