Congratulations to all graduates in New York on their graduation. We wish you great victories. Let there be no difficulties on your life path! May this year bring you only positive moments!

Editorial staff of "My New York" magazine
Photographer: @jdsvisualz
Model: @melvxb

Not so long ago, it became known that two large meteorites are approaching the earth. These extraterrestrial objects have quite impressive dimensions. One meteorite is several times larger than the Statue of Liberty. May 27, the first object to approach the earth. The next object will fly by on June 1. Most likely, these objects do not pose a threat to our planet. But we want to remind you once again that you need to appreciate every day you live...

Photographer: @theshadesofgrays

New York will definitely live!

New York is a beautiful city with its own interesting history. There were always a lot of people here. Every American citizen dreamed of settling in New York. In connection with the coronavirus, a lot has changed. Recently, more and more people began to leave for neighboring states. We don't want New York to become empty and cease to exist. We are launching a special project to restore New York. Now every resident of this city will receive a lot of privileges. We will support the business. More recently, we have joined a wonderful community that will help you find new friends and not feel lonely. We will create more interesting projects. Follow us on social networks. New York will definitely live!

photo: @xoxo2453

Very soon we will have another great holiday - FATHER'S DAY. It's so great to have loving parents. Let's remember all the pleasant moments that mom and dad gave us.

Photographer: @alwynmc

New York is a city of hope, passion, desire and despair. A lot of emotions are intertwined here. For each inhabitant it is his own city. Photographer @dkv_photography captured the mood of New York very well.

Friends! One less resident of New York has become less. The THUMPER rabbit has died. It was a wonderful rabbit. Best friend and photographer's assistant @mondlockmoments. We extend our condolences to the family. This is a real grief.


Have a good weekend! Model: nubiaisunique Photographer: @zo_photos

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