Merry Christmas 2022

Christmas is a family holiday. At Christmas, it is customary to gather the whole family. We are very pleased to celebrate Christmas with you! You are the most precious thing we have!! Thank you for staying with us for quite a long time!  We appreciate and love each of you!!!

The whole world knows the teddy bear Winnie. In the early 2000s, this character could easily be seen on TV. A funny cartoon was broadcast every weekend. Children from all over the world were looking forward to the weekend.

Today, Winnie continues to live in theatrical productions. Cindy Sibilsky and Nicole Wilson visited @theatrerow. Here it is possible to watch an original theatrical performance with elements of humor.

the actors:






On January 4, 2022, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the "My New York" award will take place. The names of the winners are already known.

This is Swedish music journalist Per Sinding-Larsen, as well as journalist Arbana Xharra and activist Nubia.

The award ceremony is being held this year for the first time. We hope that now it will be our good tradition.

Each winner will receive exclusive statuettes and will be published in the new issue of the magazine "My New York".

Happy Birthday Britney Spears! We wish you a good mood and a lot of new and unforgettable impressions!

My New York magazine (December)

On December 10, the new issue of MY NEW YORK magazine will be available.

The team of My New York magazine wholeheartedly congratulates President Joe Biden on his Birthday! We wish you good health and happiness!

Don't miss the 19 November fashion show !! You can find out more information on the Instagram social network: @cityjeanspremium

November 6th is a special date. Today is the International Day of remembrance of animals that died at the hands of man.

Despite the fact that it is already the 21st century on the street, people still eat animals and make clothes out of them. Many well-known brands are not ready to give up killing animals. When caught and transported, 60% of animals die. In the modern world, killing for pleasure is the norm. Cruelty to pets takes a huge number of lives of defenseless creatures every day. If we don't stop, then eventually we will destroy our planet ourselves. Today we need to think about a lot of things and no longer make mistakes that we did before.