The 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly was held on September 21, 2021. During his first speech, President Joseph Biden answered the most important questions that related to the climate, Covid 19, terrorist attacks, and much more.

The end of the year is getting closer. We would like to remind you that the winners of the "White Cat" award will be awarded on January 4, 2022. Also, a special award awaits the most interesting heroes. Thank you for being with us!

September 11 is a special date for America. On this day, we remember the terrible events that occurred in 2001. A group of terrorists hijacked several planes and tried to blow up the WHITE HOUSE. It's scary to imagine another turn of events. If the terrorists had managed to carry out their plan, then most likely America would have been a completely different state. The magazine "My New York" would not exist at all, and the world would be a real chaos. It's scary! We hope that this will never happen again. Eternal memory to all those who could not survive September 11! You will always remain in our hearts!


Friends! Now we are in touch 24 hours a day. If something has happened to you,just write to us by email: We are ready to help you in various situations. If you were attacked on the street, your house burned down or your loved one did not return home, just write to us in direct or by mail. We are ready to help you at any time.

New York is gradually recovering from heavy rain. Some streets of the city still remain closed. It is worth admitting that the city was not ready for the flood. We would like this situation not to happen again.

The 21st century is a time of change. This is what various mass media often tell us about. We live in the era of new technologies, we strive to learn something new and our society tries to solve every problem in a civilized way.

An interview with the Swedish music journalist Per Sinding Larsen is already on the pages of the new issue of My New York magazine. Rather read the details ...

We are proud of our athletes who have shown great results in Tokyo. This is a great success. May luck always be on their side.

Sport is a great opportunity to show yourself. And what kind of sports do you do?

Photographer: @mylensourworld

All the most interesting things are ahead...

TOKYO 2020

We will be rooting for US athletes at the Tokyo Games.