The new issue of «My New York» magazine will be released on January 10. It will be dedicated to men. This issue will feature the brightest and most interesting men of the city. We will take a closer look at each personality. Only the most beautiful photos and the most original stories will be in our magazine on January 10th. Wait !!!
In this photo model: @j.sebasri

Friends! Don't forget that the coronavirus is still with us! Wear masks and follow all the rules. Now it is enough to simply get infected in public places.
To date, an effective vaccine against coronavirus has not yet been found in the world. This is why we need to avoid mass events It is also possible to independently strengthen your immunity with fruits. Doctors recommend eating oranges and lemons. These fruits will strengthen your immune system. 

Tip: Eat these fruits in moderation. Oranges and lemons are allergenic foods

Friends! Our January issue of the magazine will be about men. We will talk about the most interesting topics and add the most interesting photos. We will provide more details later.

Today we have time to talk about men ... Yes. We'll talk about men. One of our magazine issues was already dedicated to women. But we haven't talked about men yet. Let's imagine modern New York. This city isn't as dusty as it used to be. Crowds no longer walk through the city center. You can see each person separately. If you pay more attention, you will see how the image of the modern gentleman has changed recently. Now more and more often you can meet men with a beautiful body who know how to take care of themselves. In New York, men have always had a special charm.

Friends! Our site will be edited for a few more days. We open new Internet platforms and try to make the portal more convenient for you. We now have our own Twitter page. We are also planning to open a Facebook page in the near future.


Attention!! They are scammers !!


Friends! These are all scammers !!! Please be careful !!!

We decided to update our previous sites and install protection on social media pages. We also want to warn you that social media fraud is a fairly common topic. Friends! Don't trust unsavory people who offer you a job. Do not click on the suggested links! Keep in mind that you also have Internet rights! No one has the right to use your page except yourself!

On December 10 the new issue of the magazine "My New York" will be released. We will sum up the results of this year and will definitely mark those who have been with us for a long time. We have experienced a lot of interesting and at the same time sad events. Let's remember everything again!


Happy Thanksgiving, Friends! Good mood to You!!!