The new issue of «My New York» magazine will be released on December 10. In spite of everything, we continue our work. Once again, we want to remind you of the new page address on instagram: @mynewyork_. Any other page of the magazine is unreliable!



Friends! Our page was stolen and is now for sale. New page address: @alice_bakl


Friends! We were hacked by scammers ! We will now have a new @alice_bakl account. Go and subscribe

Friends! Do not forget to send photos of your pets. This is a photo from @theviewofny

We are happy to hear good news about Dolly Parton. Back in April, the country's legend donated $ 1 million to the search for a coronavirus vaccine. Active research is currently underway. If scientists manage to create a unique vaccine, then you should thank Dolly Parton for it. In any case, it is worth saying a huge thank you to this amazing woman. It's good that there are such wonderful people! Source: "People" magazine. Photo by Cindy Sibilsky

Friends! New Year is coming soon. This terrible year is coming to an end. You and I have gone through a lot together - the beginning of a pandemic, the murder of a black man, and even the election of the president of the United States. It's time to take stock. In the new issue of the magazine, we will mention all the good and bad things that happened to us this year. By the end of December, we will also be rewarding our favorite followers who have supported us all this time no matter what. But for now, let it be kept secret.

photo: Vadim Vasenin


Friends! You've probably heard the news that Denmark wants to destroy all the minks. They explained this by the fact that the animals are infected with a dangerous coronavirus infection. This is probably not the case. People just want to use animals to make fur coats. Recently, more and more people in the world began to kill animals very cruelly. Gruesome footage of the murder can often be found on the Internet. Let's spread the good in our magazine. If you have Pets, please send their photos here. They will also be models here next week. 

photo: Spaceneospace