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Tell us about what you are doing now?

I just got the TV personality of the year award and worldwide recognition. I will go to Dubai to the Armani Hotel, the tallest tower in the world, to receive the Golden Wings award and I am very excited!

Top Model Simonetta Lein @simonettalein

Executive Producer Raphael A. Amabile of Ausonia Partners LLC

Photographer: Erika Letitia  @Erikaletitiaphoto @allebachphotography

Editor: Michael Anthony Clark @macphotoimage

MUA: Sara Mann @eleganceartistrygroup

Hairstylist: Sophia Khan @sophia_scissorhands

Clothes: The Confessional Showroom @theconfessionalshowroomnyc

When you visit the Rome area in Italy, don’t miss a delicious meal at the famous restaurant Cacciani in Frascati to discover popular Roman specialties and live a full meal like an experience of the senses. That’s exactly Chef Rosario De Luca’s goal: Preserving his land’s culinary traditions and allowing his customers to have a real journey into the flavors of Italian cuisine.

The Rome-native chef believes in the importance of tradition in food preparation and considers it to be the best form of innovation. “Traditional dishes have the ability to evoke strong emotions and memories, taking people back to their childhoods” he states.

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

-- Henry David Thoreau

Designer Johan Lindeberg has been able to achieve great success in different directions over the years of his career.

Brands like Diesel, J. Lindeberg and BLK DNM, still have fans all over the world. In 2023, another unique project "Jay3LLE" will be presented in Paris and New York. In anticipation of the main world sensation, especially for our readers, we decided to publish our recent exclusive interview.

Last night in New York was a unique fashion show THE CONFESSIONAL SHOWROOM. The event was attended by a huge number of people. This is one of the biggest fashion shows in the city.

The Confessional Showroom needs no introduction.

Today it is the most famous showroom in New York. It is impossible to name the exact number of celebrities who have already been able to create a fashionable image for themselves here.

Showroom clients included Tyra Banks, Snoop Dogg and even Jim Carrey.

Every day, models in bright outfits from this unique showroom are published on the pages of various magazines.

Sport has long been an integral part of our lives. Everyone is well aware that from an early age, sport instills such qualities as perseverance, independence and responsibility. That is why parents quite often give their child to various sports sections.

In New York, it is quite difficult to find truly high-quality hair care products. Many well-known brands offer customers products based on chemicals that will make hair brittle and dull over time.

The constant use of low-quality shampoos and gels will be one of the causes of hair loss.

This is a big problem for women of any age.

The only right decision can be the use of natural cosmetics for hair.

The best leaders in business share some personality traits, some assets, and a charisma that could make us think of leadership as an innate DNA characteristic. Nevertheless, it is possible to train and improve our leadership qualities, making our work group a real team with shared goals. Here’s some precious expert advice about the assets good leaders should work on to get appreciation and develop the power to easily influence their team’s beliefs and behaviors, multiplying their chances to be successful.

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