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«New York City's first ever full youth production has made history on Nov 12, 2022 sponsored by POPL. The Stylist Fashion Show S.F.S Youth Edition has been filmed catching the attention of fashion and business brands. S.F.S is a fashion show showcasing the talent of Stylists and adaptability to concepts of style. Featured looks in the show were Denim on Denim, Monochromatic, Work Attire and Winter '23. The creator of the show Vinrelo selectsclassic outfit selections each time when filming the show to keep the audience in anticipation of styling categories… »

In mid-November, our special issue of the magazine will be available on our official website.

Before that, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the interesting books of the very talented Iranian-Swedish writer Zinat Pirzadeh.

In her books, the writer Zinat shares some memories of life in Iran.

Zinat Pirzadeh's books are very popular in Sweden. We are sure that Zinat Pirzadeh's books will find their readers in New York as well.

Self-taught artist Matthew Marcot, who specializes in Abstraction, Neo-Expressionism, as well as semiotics and collage, presented an exhibition of his work.

For a month, residents of the city decorated their homes for the sake of America's most beloved holiday. In the courtyard of each house it was possible to meet figures of characters from horror films. Despite the fact that the holiday has already ended, we decided to prolong the mystical mood and therefore publish photos from @lauren_marieabele and @xoxo2453

On October 15, a charity event GOTHAM GALA took place.

The evening was attended by a large number of famous guests and our readers. Photographs taken by photographer Dennis Tooshkanov show Kaitlyn Kennedy, Jeannette Vives, Derek Hedlund and many more…

The guests were satisfied with the warm welcome and promised to return again…

We are waiting for you at the charity event @gothamgalacharity

We are waiting for each of you!!

New York Fashion Week 2022 delighted us with a variety of fashion shows. We were again able to attend an event organized by Bella Fashion Designs. Here on the podium one could see beautiful outfits from local designers, in which models of different ages posed. It is worth noting that at Bella Fashion Designs events there is always a warm and cozy atmosphere.

photographer: Dennis Tooshkanov 

In a few days, New York will return to its normal life. We will remember fashion week 2022 for a long time to come.

This year we managed to visit several fashion shows at once and once again make sure that the most creative authors live in New York ...

Most surprised and at the same time pleased with the Funari brand.

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