Fashion in New York has its own character. Local designers always boldly go to meet New experiments. Often this is what they attract attention to themselves. On the catwalks of New York, you can find bright and overly provocative images that not everyone dares to try on themselves. Sometimes fashion in New York can be soft and gentle. We don't know yet what to expect in the upcoming season. We are looking forward to new screenings in February 2022.

Photo: SamAronov

Today is dedicated to the laureates of the "My New York" award. Swedish music journalist Per Sinding - Larsen has been covering the most significant events in the music industry for many years. During his long career, Per Sinding - Larsen managed to take thousands of interviews not only from Swedish artists, but also from world celebrities. It should be noted that Swedish music has a special place in the world. The band ABBA, Roxette and many others have won the love of residents of various countries. It is possible that very soon New Yorkers will dance to a new Scandinavian hit. And once again we want to thank Per Sinding - Larsen for his great work!