My name is Mardin and I came to Sweden as an unaccompanied child refugee about a year ago. I was 15 years old at the time, and I was fleeing from the government in Iran. I participated in the revolution and supported the march for Women's Freedom on May 12, 2022.

The Iranian government executed several people for participating in these protests. I was also punished. At that time, my punishment was a fine, jail, and flogging. But maybe it could have been even worse. My friends did not manage to escape execution.

Like many other people involved in the protests, at some point I realized that I would achieve nothing while on Iranian territory, and my death would eventually be another proof of the superiority of the Iranian government.

I realized that I wanted a different future for myself in a good and prosperous country that would provide me with protection.

I chose Sweden because it is a country with a good democracy.

I learned Swedish quickly enough, learned how to play professional football and dreamed of living a long and happy life here. But dreams can remain dreams.

I live under threat of deportation to Iran. The Swedish Migration Agency decided that if I was deported, my life would no longer be in danger. My application for asylum was rejected several times.

There are many terrible things in Iran that I have seen with my own eyes and that cannot be forgotten. People are subjected to all kinds of torture because religion dictates so. I don't agree with that! Today I have converted to Christianity and I no longer want to have anything to do with this country and these laws! When my relatives saw that I had become a Christian, they began to threaten me.

Dear Government of Sweden!

Be merciful! Only you can help me today!

In return, I am ready to work for the benefit of the Swedish people and do many good deeds.

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Franciacorta is synonymous with quality Italian sparkling wine, and credit goes to the great Maurizio Zanella, Mr. Founder of Ca' del Bosco, who has been telling the world about Italian wine excellence for more than 50 years. It all began in the 1960s, when his mother, Annamaria Clementi, left Milan to buy a country house in Erbusco, where the soul of Franciacorta reigns today. It was a house in the woods, with 10 rows of red grapes grown and turned into an unlikely wine. Maurizio, a rebellious but dreamy and courageous student, decided to leave Milan after a trip to France to live in the house in the woods and produce "his" wine. Meetings with legends such as Piero Antinori, Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, Angelo Gaja and friendship with Luigi Veronelli helped him realize his dream. Ca' del Bosco is now one of Italy's most prestigious wineries, loved all over the world.

The general elections of 2022 saw Fratelli d'Italia and Giorgia Meloni's center-right coalition triumph at the polls and receive government office. Among Fratelli d'Italia's "election promises," promises kept, was the establishment of the School of Made in Italy. A school that was created and will start from this year to give quality and prestige to the working and cultural context of "Brand Italy," training students also through internships and cultural exchanges abroad made possible by Italian diplomatic representations, both from the point of view of knowledge of high-level Italian production and market-oriented entrepreneurial activities. To learn more, we interviewed Senator Salvo Sallemi, Deputy Group Leader of Fratelli d'Italia in the Senate of the Republic and Coordinator of the III Commission of the National Anti-Mafia Commission.

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