Today in America, Father's Day is celebrated. We congratulate all the men who are fathers on this holiday! We wish you to be strong and never lose heart!

Friends! Today is a very important holiday - the day of liberation from slavery. Congratulations to all African Americans !! We wish you peace! May America remain a great country !!

New York is a big apple. This city is associated with this fruit. We have already written the story of this symbol. Here it is worth adding only that in the shops you can easily find dishes from apples and the apples themselves. Local chefs like to cook something unusual from this fruit. If you want to try something magical, then you should pay attention to apple pie.

There have been many events in America lately. It should be noted that not all of them are pleasant enough and carry positive emotions. Well, this is not a reason for sadness! Psychologists advise smiling more often. Only through a good mood is it possible to make life better. Look for only positive aspects in each problem. Good mood prolongs life!

Today we tell an amazing story about a person who is worthy of attention and respect from the community. His name is Matthieu Nkosi. He is a model and a basketball player. Today this man is successful in his profession. He has achieved a lot in life and we are sure that Matthieu has many pleasant moments ahead. But more recently, everything was not so good. Once Matthieu just got cancer. In his story, he mentioned that everything turned out unexpectedly. Long-term treatment has become a real test for this person. At the very beginning of the disease, the doctors did not show proper attention to this patient. Other doctors told the person that he would never walk again. But no matter what, Matthieu got to his feet and returned to the profession. Today, this person visits New York and pleases others with his vivid pictures. Matthieu wishes all people who find themselves in difficult situations to never give up!

Graffiti is a separate art form. If you visit Some areas of New York, you can see a huge number of interesting paintings. The most striking artists paint portraits of famous people on houses and fences as well as frames from films in order to simply please others. Residents of European cities come to a real delight after visiting areas of New York. Graffiti is already a hallmark of New York. Do you like graffiti? Photo by @jsebasphotography

New York is a great place to shop. Fashionistas from all over the world know this very well. In New York you can find a huge variety of trendy shops. Recently, stores have not been in great demand. But still there were people who wanted to buy goods in official stores. Some psychologists are sure that shopping relieves stress well. You need to go shopping or order things from the Internet. But do not abuse it! After quarantine, you can visit the shops a couple of times. This is just to cheer up. 

Friends! Let's think about why we love New York. Most likely we love the city for its amazing skyscrapers, as well as for beautiful green parks. But most of all, we love New York for the scent of freedom that is everywhere. Only this city allows us to be who we really are. Here everyone can express their point of view. New York offers us a ton of opportunities. Over the entire existence of the magazine, many interesting personalities have visited the pages. And we are sure that there will be even more bright people. New York is the capital of the future! We love New York !!!

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Summer has come to New York !!! This is the best time for the whole city and the country as a whole. Now you need to revise your daily diet and add light meals to it. The most important summer berry is strawberries. We have selected the best recipes with this product and would like to share with you: