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The magazine version is already in the gallery

New Cover

Our new and official issue of the magazine will be available tomorrow.

This month in New York is dedicated entirely to African Americans. Today on our Instagram cover is @iamramonamira. Whatever others say, but personally, we really love African Americans. We do not distinguish people by skin color. Everyone deserves the best in this life. Until the end of the month, only African Americans will be on the cover. This is an action in support of equality on earth. 

Today, many experts argue that America will no longer be the same. After the killing of an African American and a pandemic, the country will change. We never touch on political issues. It is difficult for us to make assumptions. But it is possible that not only America, but the whole world will be affected by change. But the most important thing for us is New York. May he remain as we love him. 

In recent years, many different events have occurred in New York. Various rallies and a pandemic have made adjustments to the familiar lifestyle of many Americans. Life in New York will never be the same. You can read all about it in the new and original issue of My New York, which will be released on June 10.

Summer is the best time to relax. Despite the current situation, today it’s worth a little distraction and think about something else. There is a suggestion to think about cocktails. Delicious and beautiful summer cocktails today, everyone can very easily prepare. Here are some interesting recipes:

Summer has come to New York. But the weather is not happy yet. Next week, the only hot day will be on Tuesday. On this day, the air temperature will reach 27 ° C. And the heat, as usual, will come in July. Almost the whole of June you need to carry the umbrella with you. Photo from @jsebasphotography 

Every day in New York, something new is happening. Against the backdrop of general unrest, marauders are still operating. It is possible that this situation will not last too long, but it still does not get any easier. A few weeks ago, people actively helped patients with coronavirus, and today some residents are robbing and killing. The only thing that pleases today is that there are fewer criminals anyway. Normal and civilized citizens live in America who are ready to defend their rights without murder and robbery. This great country is capable of much. But people must be able to negotiate. It’s not safe in New York right now. You need to be careful. No one knows what to expect in the coming hours. Take care of yourself and your business! And we are following the situation.

The conflict between black and white people has been going on in America for many years. This topic has become number one in all media in recent days. Something strange and terrible is happening in New York. If some people went to peaceful rallies, others robbed shops and beat people. The killing of an African American is a real tragedy for the whole country. But people must abide by the laws. This is the only way to come to some kind of agreement. Otherwise, nothing will remain of our beloved city! And that will be a very big problem! We love African Americans! It is impossible to imagine America without African Americans. Thank you for being! And in the photo, our favorite model @Soso_loso