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Renowned host Larry King died on Saturday January 23rd. He was 87 years old. Larry King became famous all over the world thanks to his show. This man was difficult enough not to recognize. Glasses and suspenders have always been part of this man's image. Larry King's career hasn't always gone well. But despite everything, this man was able to achieve great success. His show was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

"It's a new day!" - just half an hour ago, a new post appeared in the account of the new President Joe Biden. All Americans today hope that the upcoming changes will only be for the better. We fully support Joe Biden!

Congratulations On The Anniversary Of The Singer Dolly Parton! Today, Dolly is a true symbol of America and an example follow. Dolly Parton is not only good singer, but also a very kind person who cares about others. Back in the spring of 2020, the singer donated $ 1,000,000 to develop a vaccine against coronavirus.


Very soon, the new president of America will begin his work. It is still difficult to imagine the future of a great country. But most people are confident that things will change for the better soon.

New York fashion shows will also be available online in 2021. The organizers suggest that the difficult situation with the coronavirus will last for several more years. The best solution for today is the online format.

Increasingly, users of social networks began to post photos of past years. Everyone misses the big events and the incredible holiday atmosphere. Now we can only hope that everything will return soon. The most important thing is safety!

Friends! We would like to remind once again how important it is to wear masks today. In all countries of our planet, many people have died from the coronavirus. People who have had this disease later complained of other symptoms. There is information that discharged patients can get a heart attack and many other diseases. The disease is completely unexplored! The consequences are unknown! Just follow the rules! Please don't get sick! We love and appreciate each of you!

Despite the coronavirus, designers and models continue to amaze us with fashionable novelties. This time, the company from stylist @fashionably_jessica staged a fashion show on the streets of New York.

Friends! Today, let's honor the memory of the people who died from the coronavirus... Every day there are more and more victims of this disease. We hope that one day people will stop getting sick and everything will get better. Photo: @travellieng

For all time