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October 1st is the World Music Day. Music is what makes us feel and experience. Thanks to music, we do many things much better and faster. Classical music can cure a person from certain diseases. You should turn on your favorite song and enjoy !!!

Halloween is around the corner! There are many decorated streets to be seen in New York today. Despite the difficult situation in the world, nobody canceled the holidays !! May Halloween be wonderful this year and take all the bad things with it.

My name is Jay Castle and I'm a model / actor in NYC. I write screenplays in my spare time so that one day I can be a filmmaker however, I wasn't always on this path. I was born in Queens, raised in NJ, and went to college in Boston for Psychology. Though I never showed it, from a young age my life has been filled with the constant reminder of death. 

Now the situation with coronavirus in the world is gradually stabilizing. But this is not a reason to take off your masks! Our future depends only on ourselves. According to the forecasts of many experts, next year we will be able to return to normal life. If everything goes well, then we will definitely throw a real party with you in New York! In the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones !!!

The American presidential election is coming soon. This will be an important day for the entire country.
In the photo is the @arielbinns.

New York has always been a special city. There is no second such city in the world. It is a city of fashion, creativity and business. If a person has never been to New York, then he probably heard that New York is the best place for creativity and business. In our magazine, we also try to combine all this. The 1920s were especially important for New York. If you delve into history, you can find a lot of interesting information there. And this weekend, we also recommend watching documentaries about New York. It will always be useful ...

Friday 25

Here are a list of comedies that will definitely cheer you up on Friday night:
1. "The Heat";
2. "Billy Madisson";
3. "Mask";
4. The Runaway Bride.
Happy viewing! Enjoy!

October is coming soon. This month will fly by. We won't notice when Christmas comes. There are not many people in the world who don't like the New Year holidays. The magical atmosphere seems to take us back to childhood. It is there that it is fun and carefree. But this year everyone will be very much looking forward to the end of December, because the bad 2020 will be gone forever. How much he brought us a lot of grief and disappointment. Let's start counting the days until the end of the year from today. We are confident that 2021 will be much better.

Friends! The mobile version of the site will be available soon. This will make reading the magazine much more convenient. We will definitely inform you about all changes on the portal. In the meantime, we are waiting for the release of the magazine about Halloween.

Do you love cycling? If yes, then today's holiday is for you! September 22 is international car-free day. All motorists are encouraged to change to bicycles on this day. It's pretty convenient and affordable. It should also be noted that cycling has beneficial effects on health. You can afford to cycle more this year.