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The cover of our new issue:

Our magazine will be available the day after tomorrow. All the most interesting will be on the pages of the new issue

In a few days, the new issue of the magazine will be ready. This time we have a lot of new heroes and a lot of interesting news !!! Be with us!

New York will soon be the same again. Life is returning to the city. And this is just great! Our magazine will have more of your interesting photos.

Summer is passing very fast. More recently, it was the beginning of June, and today is July 5th. August is just around the corner, and then autumn. Life goes fast. You need to enjoy every day. Create beautiful photos and share your good mood with us. Nicole Wilson in this photo

Patxy Areitio Mira has a bright enough appearance to evoke the admiring glances of others. If you look at this young man from the side, you might think that he is a supermodel and just does not get off the covers of fashion magazines. In fact, this is not entirely true. The young man has his own business, but sometimes takes part in various photo shoots. It should be noted the fact that the man lived in different cities and countries. Among them can be noted China, England, Spain and Chile. Today, this person has his own business in Miami. Patxy Areitio Mira also lived in New York. He told us that it is the best city in the world. In it you can just walk and get lost ...

Happy Holiday

Today in the United States marks a very important holiday - Independence Day. This is practically America’s birthday. We heartily congratulate you on this holiday. America is the freest country in the world. And New York is one of the best cities.

Summer is the best time for photo shoots. And July is the most suitable month. If you want to take a picture with a professional SLR camera or a regular phone, then you should get up early. But it is worth saying that New York is a city in which photographs will always look very good. Let's create our own masterpieces. 

   Model: @avam2911 Photographer: @jsebasphotography 

Today in New York you can find a huge number of supermarkets with food. Only in this city people are offered a huge assortment of goods that are not even characteristic of New York. On hot days, people eat less fast food. That's why you should pay attention to health food stores and small fairs. Here you will always find healthy and light food, which is always handy in the hot season.

New York can rightfully be considered the business capital of America. Here, a huge number of transactions are made daily. On the streets of this city walks quite a few important people. Some areas of New York are just made for entrepreneurs. Only in New York can you see millionaires in the usual metro.

За все время