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The killing of an African American is very, very sad news. In the 21st century this should not have been. We want to see a more civilized society. But, unfortunately, everything is not at all as we would like. If the war continues, then nothing good is to be expected. Today's case must change something in our lives

Today is a special day! The first day of summer. Congratulations on this event !!! Ahead will be a lot of interesting things !!! Stay with us! Soon we will introduce a new cover.

The murder of an African American is the most discussed topic in the United States. We did not want to comment on this situation, but today absolutely everyone is talking about it. We would like to express words of support to people who knew the deceased well. This is a real tragedy! Let this not happen again! We live in a civilized world. Any problem can be solved peacefully. Killing is always very bad! We very much hope that there will be less conflict.

Tomorrow is the first of June. This is a special day. Summer begins tomorrow. It’s time for all of us to change our gloomy mood to very good. Let's enjoy every day we live! In connection with this event, we will more often publish your summer photos on Instagram. Send your bright summer photos of past years or photos taken this year to our mail. You can also tag us in your photos. Let's enjoy every day together. In this photo, our bright sun @alexandria_hodnik.

Spring in New York is a special time. Only in spring does the world seem to be reborn. It should be noted that at this time of year in New York it is possible to admire the sakura blossom. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has this unusual tree.There is even a special Sakura Matsuri festival. But now it’s just impossible to visit such a holiday. Before the pandemic in New York, it was always a lot of fun. People loved to ride bicycles or boats. And you could have a picnic in the park. But many people do not despair and have a picnic on the roof. This is pretty romantic. The most important thing is to believe that life will soon become better.

Today, a large number of American girls use false eyelashes. It is fast enough, simple and effective. But sometimes even in the evening make-up you want to see naturalness. Therefore, your cosmetic bag should have several types of mascara from different manufacturers. Many experts came to the conclusion that for each event you need to use your own mascara.

Against the background of many unfavorable news about Covid 19, let's talk about what is good. So, for example, let's touch upon the topic of our beloved city again. Even before the pandemic, a huge number of tourists from all over the world came to New York to see the legendary city. This country is now closed to tourists. And a year ago, everything was different.New York has always amazed people at the fast pace of life. This city can be called a symbol of America. Years flew around us very quickly. Fashion has changed. New York has always remained mysterious. A huge number of smart and talented people live here to this day. Here is the true spirit of freedom. Let's just love New York more. May this city make us more and more happy. And let the pandemic go away forever.

Photography is an interesting and rather prestigious occupation. Today there are

a huge number of photographers who shoot everything around. Getting into the lens of someone’s camera in New York is a snap. Take a closer look. Maybe you are already on someone else's photo.

Work at home has become quite popular in America. Now many Americans no longer work in stuffy offices. And people prefer to change business suits for pajamas. A new time has come. Let's look at the most interesting options:

Did you know when the letters “I love New York” appeared? This famous inscription and logo appeared in the 1970s. Then the inscription was invented by the company. This logo is used for various souvenir products. It is worth noting that the logo is officially registered. There is also a song that was written in 1977.

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