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The month of African-Americans ends. In a week we will be able to publish people with European appearance on the cover of Instagram. We select people very carefully. The brightest personalities will decorate our cover. We are constantly making changes to the journal. Expect more from us soon.

People are changing the world. A lot depends on the people. Today in New York you can meet a lot of interesting and vibrant personalities. Welcome to us on Instagram. We are glad to everyone !!!

In the photo: Nicole Wilson

Manhattan is every American's dream. Only here it is possible to purchase the most beautiful and expensive housing. Apartments in Manhattan are quite expensive. Not everyone can afford such a luxury. If a person has a huge fortune, then he can simply enjoy life in the area. One of the most expensive apartments is located on the 82 floor. The apartment occupies almost the entire floor. The apartment has 700 sq. Meters and all necessary amenities. Would you like to live in Manhattan?

Summer is a great time for sports. Do not be lazy! One must always look worthy. This is especially true for beach lovers. A good figure will always be appreciated. Today, the most common sport is running. It is very useful. But in hot weather it’s dangerous to run. If the temperature outside the window is too high, then there is no need to take risks. And you can replace running with brisk walking. A great option would be swimming. It is best to practice this sport 3 times a week for 45 minutes. And the most fun game will be beach volleyball.

New York is a city that does not need advertising. People from all over the world know about this city. In many famous films you can see this wonderful place. We have already mentioned this more than once. I would like to note that not one city on earth shines as brightly as New York. The light of this city illuminates the streets and allows passers-by not to get lost. Only in New York can you see many different colors at once. Times Square is proof of this. But even in spite of everything, this is not a bad taste. Today, New York is the city in which style lives. Only here the fashion begins. We love you, New York!

Very soon the new issue of the magazine will be released. We will tell you a lot of interesting things. Many beautiful and vivid photos we have prepared for you. The most interesting personalities will appear on the pages of the issue. July 10, you can read the new issue on the site.

Today in America, Father's Day is celebrated. We congratulate all the men who are fathers on this holiday! We wish you to be strong and never lose heart!

Friends! Today is a very important holiday - the day of liberation from slavery. Congratulations to all African Americans !! We wish you peace! May America remain a great country !!

New York is a big apple. This city is associated with this fruit. We have already written the story of this symbol. Here it is worth adding only that in the shops you can easily find dishes from apples and the apples themselves. Local chefs like to cook something unusual from this fruit. If you want to try something magical, then you should pay attention to apple pie.

There have been many events in America lately. It should be noted that not all of them are pleasant enough and carry positive emotions. Well, this is not a reason for sadness! Psychologists advise smiling more often. Only through a good mood is it possible to make life better. Look for only positive aspects in each problem. Good mood prolongs life!

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