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Spring in New York is a special time. Only in spring does the world seem to be reborn. It should be noted that at this time of year in New York it is possible to admire the sakura blossom. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has this unusual tree.There is even a special Sakura Matsuri festival. But now it’s just impossible to visit such a holiday. Before the pandemic in New York, it was always a lot of fun. People loved to ride bicycles or boats. And you could have a picnic in the park. But many people do not despair and have a picnic on the roof. This is pretty romantic. The most important thing is to believe that life will soon become better.

Today, a large number of American girls use false eyelashes. It is fast enough, simple and effective. But sometimes even in the evening make-up you want to see naturalness. Therefore, your cosmetic bag should have several types of mascara from different manufacturers. Many experts came to the conclusion that for each event you need to use your own mascara.

Against the background of many unfavorable news about Covid 19, let's talk about what is good. So, for example, let's touch upon the topic of our beloved city again. Even before the pandemic, a huge number of tourists from all over the world came to New York to see the legendary city. This country is now closed to tourists. And a year ago, everything was different.New York has always amazed people at the fast pace of life. This city can be called a symbol of America. Years flew around us very quickly. Fashion has changed. New York has always remained mysterious. A huge number of smart and talented people live here to this day. Here is the true spirit of freedom. Let's just love New York more. May this city make us more and more happy. And let the pandemic go away forever.

Photography is an interesting and rather prestigious occupation. Today there are

a huge number of photographers who shoot everything around. Getting into the lens of someone’s camera in New York is a snap. Take a closer look. Maybe you are already on someone else's photo.

Work at home has become quite popular in America. Now many Americans no longer work in stuffy offices. And people prefer to change business suits for pajamas. A new time has come. Let's look at the most interesting options:

Did you know when the letters “I love New York” appeared? This famous inscription and logo appeared in the 1970s. Then the inscription was invented by the company. This logo is used for various souvenir products. It is worth noting that the logo is officially registered. There is also a song that was written in 1977.

In the photo: @Bianca_paradis

New York before the coronavirus

The day in New York is just beautiful, and the night is mysterious in its own way. New York is a city in which life boils around the clock. A temporary lull in the city came only during the coronavirus. But we hope that everything will return. Let's recall the entertainment that was very popular:

Depression has been familiar to Americans since 1929, when the economic crisis swept the country and people went on hunger strikes because they simply did not want to die. (The phrase "great depression" has gone down in history forever and still causes horror among citizens). But, despite the fact that now is the 21st century, and there are no big problems in the country, the depression itself still torments citizens. Recently, psychotherapists have become much more patients. And the situation with coronavirus only several times increased the number of people with depressive disorders. Now many are interested in the question of how to make depression no longer bother you?!


American cuisine is quite diverse. Here you can easily find popular Italian, French and Swedish dishes. But all over the world, fast food is considered real American food. Most Americans love burgers and fries. But at the moment you should not eat a lot of fast food! This can be very bad for your body shape and overall health.You can diversify your daily life with light salads and fresh fruits. Fresh fruity smoothie without milk is a great addition to breakfast. Also in the daily diet should be present: Olives and olive oil Corn (but not Popcorn) Vegetables and fruits from red flowers. Still need to eat more citrus. They contain vitamin C. This will prevent you from getting sick.

Times Square is the most famous street in the world. She was visited by a huge number of people. The street got its current name in 1904. Most often, the street is also called the crossroads of the world. Now Times Square is a real symbol of America. Almost all residents of the country have a photo in Times Square. Do you have such a photo?

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