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On April 29 at 20:00 on NuBlu will be the first performance of Maurice Louca. Maurice is one of the most gifted, prolific, and adventurous musicians from Egypt, described most recently in the Guardian as a producer of “transcendent beauty in an unholy racket.”

The United States authorities will allocate 2 million dollars for Ukrainian refugees. Today, a huge number of Ukrainians live in New York. Many of them have just arrived in the city.

photo: Arbana Xharra 

We would like to say a lot, but now there are simply no words ... We invite you to see the photo selection "The Horrors of War"

The war in Ukraine cannot last forever!

Protests are taking place all over the world today. People don't want bloodshed. Every day the war takes the lives of defenseless citizens. It seems like it will never end. LET'S SAY NO TO WAR!!!

Photographer: JANIFEST 

This weekend, many New Yorkers try to spend in nature. Good weather is the key to a great mood...

Photographer:  @eternalsunshine_sudee 

According to official figures, 16 people were injured in a shooting in the New York subway. The suspect is still at large. The security camera didn't work. Because of this, it has not yet been possible to determine the identity of the shooter.

It's sunny in New York...

It's time to go for a walk...

There are a lot of amazing places in the city that are definitely worth a visit...

photo: @eternalsunshine_sudee