Friends !!! We remind you again that the situation in the world is quite difficult now. The coronavirus hasn't gone anywhere. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Wear masks and visit public places as little as possible. Our health is in our hands. We must definitely win !!! Photo: freedommaster

Halloween is coming soon. Are you ready for the holiday? This is an awesome photo by @theviewofny.

Friends!!! Don't forget to send us your photos marked "Halloween". These photos always look great !!

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Friends! We all love to watch movies. We want to say that films have a special place in our hearts. Actor Michael Tyler and his team made an excellent film that is definitely worth watching.

‘First Date Last Call’ is a dark comedy about all the ways we cope with our own mortality. Backed by the gritty graffiti of Bushwick, the irrepressible Mel is on a mission. Reeling from an impossible loss, she’s determined to find happiness for those who remain. In her crosshairs are her two closest friends, who are about to discover that facing death is nothing compared to the excruciating vulnerability of a first date.

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This year, the social network Instagram is celebrating its anniversary. It's just great !!! Our anniversary will take place in February 2021. It will also be a great event for us !! Thank you for reading our magazine and subscribing to Instagram. This is important for us!!

Halloween 06.20

There is less and less time before Halloween. Have you already prepared your party costume? We are interested in all your unexpected reincarnations. You can always send us your photos and videos by mail or directly. We will definitely publish everything.

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Friends! Our magazine still lacks a lot. We are only at the beginning of the journey. We are constantly improving and adding something new. We will definitely add live broadcasts soon. And there is a new issue of the magazine ahead.

October 4th is world animal day. Almost every one of us has a dog, a hamster, or someone else at home. Let's pay more attention to our favorites and not forget those who are left all alone ...