Basketball player Michael Jordan will donate $ 10 million to open two new clinics. Such medical institutions will be open to people who do not have health insurance or are not fully insured. According to Michael himself, absolutely everyone should have access to medical care. No factors should influence this. The clinics will open in 2022.

New interview with actress and model Kristen Bonifacio:

Photographer: @kayyymar MUA: @sleepygirlbri

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Kristen, I am 24 years old. I am a mother, an artist, a freelance model and content creator. I fell in love with modeling at a very young age watching America’s Next Top Model, I especially loved editorials the most. Growing up I was the long and skinny girl, I got told many times how I should be a model by family and friends but I didn’t have the confidence. As I got older I saw the beauty in myself, I started modeling back in 2017, It all began with my friend Kaymar he wanted to be a photographer, and I wanted to be a model so we practiced together and gave each other honest feedback, we grew and got better and better over time and since then I’ve been signed to an agency, I’ve done jobs for online shops, Runway shows for Macy’s, commercials and a music video with Luis Fonsi, I hope to continue doing better jobs in the future.

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«My New York »

The new issue of the magazine "My New York" is available in the gallery

On February 10 the new issue of the magazine "My New York" will be released

Very cold weather is expected in New York in the near future. Cold weather will be not only in New York, but also in many other states of America. We advise you to dress warmly. Take care of yourself, friends!

photo: @jamin_photos

Cicely Tyson passed away on January 28. Many people know this actress well from the films «House of Cards» and «How to get away with Murder». The actress was 96 years old. The cause of death is still unknown.

New variants of the coronavirus have been discovered in the United States. Already many health workers in other countries have noticed that the coronavirus can mutate. It is very dangerous! If you have the opportunity, then refuse events with a large crowd of people. Also, wearing two masks can be much more effective! Take care of yourself!

Some time ago, it became known that President Joe Biden signed a document allowing transgender people to serve in the military. And in the near future, the president will begin to provide support to enterprises and their employees who have suffered from the pandemic.

Renowned host Larry King died on Saturday January 23rd. He was 87 years old. Larry King became famous all over the world thanks to his show. This man was difficult enough not to recognize. Glasses and suspenders have always been part of this man's image. Larry King's career hasn't always gone well. But despite everything, this man was able to achieve great success. His show was included in the Guinness Book of Records.