Autumn is not so romantic. If you live in New York, you start to see autumn in a completely different way. The colorful trees of Central Park will make even the most ordinary person take up brushes and paints and paint a picture. If you have a camera at hand, then you will surely photograph a lot of interesting things. In autumn, you can crawl under a warm blanket and compose poems or fairy tales over a cup of aromatic coffee. But the happiest people are those who spend time with their significant other. 
photo: @nicolewilsonphoto

model: @mackenna.renee


New York is the best place to be creative. This city inspires people from all over the world. Another photo from great photographer @ rjr10036 is sure to push many videographers, photographers and models to bright experiments.

We continue the section "Halloween". Did you know this holiday first appeared in Northern Ireland? In the United States, Halloween was celebrated much later. Previously, it was believed that it is at the end of October that a special time comes, allowing the world of the living to reunite with the world of the dead. For a long time, the Scots and Irish kept their traditions at home. A little later, these peoples came to the United States and could not forget about Halloween. So a new holiday appeared in America. And a little later, Halloween gained worldwide importance. This holiday managed to unite many peoples. We are glad about it!  Photographer:  @theviewofny

This Halloween will be one of the brightest. We will be able to see several movie premieres. Anne Hathaway has already shared a few stills from a movie called The Witches. Sarah Jessica Parker is reunited with the Sanderson sisters. This is a must see.

We talked so little about Halloween. This is New York's main holiday. Let's fix the situation today and remember the brightest characters of the holiday. Among the dark personalities of New York are the Sanderson sisters from the movie "Hocus Pocus". These women are always ready to come to us for a holiday and arrange a real end of the world. But from all the bad the world can be saved by ghost hunters. These guys can do everything. Who is your main character on Halloween?

On October 31, an online party will take place on our Instagram page. The best hits of Halloween will be played especially for you. We will show you the most interesting footage from movies related to Halloween. And also many, many interesting things. Join us!!! It will be fun!!! Photographer:@theviewofny

There is little time left until the end of the year. Let's hope the new year brings a lot of good things. Also in December our special edition of the magazine will be released, in which you will find many surprises. We love you !!!

Another photo from Alexandria Hodnik

The new image of Alexanria Hodnik seems to take us back to another era. What time would you like to live in?

Photographer: @freddy_f.c_photos

New York has a huge number of bright creative personalities. Today we would like to once again introduce you to photographer Richard Rothstein. This person takes simply amazing pictures that can inspire many other creative people to create masterpieces. We are very grateful to Richard Rothstein for sharing his story and photos with us: