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Pride Month in New York is coming to an end... We will save the brightest moments...
This year a lot of people took part in the festive parade. Among them were: @rjr10036
@serg_shepard @jasminericenyc

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Not so long ago, students of the best universities in New York received diplomas. The city has regained first-class specialists in various fields. Now it will not be difficult for talented young people to find work.

Graduates of medical universities have the most advantages… The pandemic has made significant adjustments to our society…

Model: @ek_kim720

Photographer: @ny_steven_snap

After a two-year wait due to the pandemic, Fleet Week is back in New York City.
From May 25 to May 31, events are held at various venues in the city…
On this day off, many people joined the celebration…

The photo report was prepared by a photographer: @jbtphotography66

The fashion of the past is of great importance …

Vintage style continues to remain at the peak of popularity. Today, many designers believe that old things have the right to a new life. Sometimes we don't even notice how we buy antiques ourselves. The fashion of the past is of great importance …

Stylist : @fashionably_jessica

Model: @bad_jhu_jhu_

In 1988, the amazing film Coming to America, starring Eddie Murphy, was released on TV screens. Nobody expected the film to be a big success. In addition to the wonderful acting, people really liked the outfits of African beauties. It is these outfits that you can see on models from Philadelphia, which have been published more than once in our magazine ...

Author: @kdcollections_


The streets of Manhattan are not only an excellent platform for fashion shows, but also a place for all kinds of rallies. Residents of the central part of New York can quite often observe any processions. Most recently, we witnessed how people held a peaceful rally in support of Ukraine. A large number of marches do not go unnoticed. Often, the authorities of the city and the country are ready to meet and assist in resolving the situation.

Melanie Silvestrini earned a dual-degree in Biochemistry and Chemical Biotechnology at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and Doctorate of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, MA.

Photographer: @fitonphotography

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