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Many of our readers actively participate in various charity programs. We appreciate people who, in their busy schedule, find time to help others…

Each of us may find ourselves in a difficult situation. It is very important to lend a helping hand in time. At the end of the year, we will definitely evaluate those who turned out to be not indifferent to someone else's trouble…

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New York will never be the same again. The mayor of the city, Eric Adams, promised to clean up the city of the homeless.
A lot of work has been done in the last two weeks.
In an interview, Eric Adams said that no one deserves to live on the street.
The homeless will be able to start life over, and New York itself will be safer for residents and tourists.

photographer: duha127

A few years ago, few of us would have been able to imagine the events of today…

We almost managed to come to terms with the coronavirus, and now the world is again in a state of panic due to the war in Ukraine.

Every day shells explode and civilians are killed on the territory of Kiev, Mariupol, Donbass and many other cities.

Our fellow journalists are dying during their work.

It's impossible to watch the world crumble.

Everything that we have been building for years can just disappear in an instant.

Can we think of a happy future during the mass murder of people?!

Can we remain indifferent

when others are dying?!


This is not the reality we need!

We support civilians who are now in Ukraine.

We support our fellow journalists who risk their lives in order to show us the truth.

We support the families of the deceased people.

We are not ready to put up with what is happening today!

We need peace, and we call on the military of both countries to lay down their arms!

The lives of innocent people today depend on your decision!

It's time to act!!!

Autism is something that many people prefer to keep quiet about. Quite often people with autism are bypassed.

It is quite difficult for society to realize that autistic people are the same people as everyone else…

Very soon the world will know a little more…

Today is the 29th day of the war in Ukraine. It's hard to believe that none of us is any longer immune from what is happening today in Mariupol, Kyiv, Kharkov and other cities...

We can no longer look to our future with confidence. The senseless killings of civilians were created in order to sow fear in our society.

We are not afraid!

That is what New Yorkers who care about the fate of our world are saying today.

"Any conflict that unfolds on a global scale unfolds on the streets of New York. The bombs that explode in Kiev break our hearts here in New York and all over our country," Eric Adams said.

Now the Ukrainian flag is proudly flying in Manhattan, which will hang until the very victory of Ukraine in the war.

The Dejavu Gallery is greatly embedded in the rich artistic history of the building itself. Previously, it was the location of the prominent Bodley Gallery which opened in the 1940’s and closed in the 1980’s. Being the current residents of the Bodley Gallery is something that we at Dejavu, take as an honor. With that honor comes the responsibility to continue the long standing history of being a prominent force in the contemporary and modern art world. The Bodley Gallery gained significant notoriety for being one of the premier art galleries in New York City. It became the venue of choice for world-renowned icon Andy Warhol, the key pioneer of the POP Art movement that emerged in the United States and Europe in the 1950's and became prominent over the next two decades. The Bodley Gallery was also credited for being host to notable artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Helen Gerardia, Fernand Leger, Max Ernst, and many others...

Vera Bashli

Until 1848, women's rights in the United States were limited. Women could not defend their own opinion. The public did not take the words of various representatives of the fair sex seriously.

Over time, the situation began to change and a movement for women's rights emerged. Every year women became more independent.

In the 21st century, we can see how women achieve great success in creativity, business, politics...

Women outperform men in many ways.

Today in New York there are quite a few worthy representatives of the fair sex.

We are happy to present the stories of some women:

The new issue of My New York magazine with actor Luis Da Silva is available in the gallery.

The Library of Congress has over 38 million books and other printed materials on its shelves. Here, in addition to our magazine, it is possible to find important records of those events that took place in the world long before our birth.In 1814, Washington was practically scorched by the British. Many priceless books burned down. Over time, the library was restored, but part of the history was already lost ...

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