За все время

New York today looks rather unusual. The city will not soon return to normal life. Some streets and metro are somewhat reminiscent of shots from films about the apocalypse. People will definitely remember this time for a long time. But we are sure that everything will end without more serious consequences. Photo: J. Sebastian Rivera

No wonder New York is considered the center of the world. Here you can see people from completely different corners of the globe. The most beautiful artists come to this city. Today in our magazine is a wonderful actor and model from France, Jonathan Caillat.

Dani Barry shared an interesting story about fitness with us. Read the details ➡️

If you look at any photo of a professional model, you can simply envy. Perfectly smooth skin, luxurious and thick hair, as well as a flawless figure are always admired. But it is possible to independently achieve an excellent effect at home. Each model has its own secrets. Here are some helpful tips to help you get great results pretty quickly:

Every girl should look perfect. Well-known stylists, makeup artists and designers often mention this. The appearance of podium models always attracts the attention of people and collects a large number of likes on the Internet. Only in life does it not always turn out to look like a superstar. And this is optional! It is enough just to have clean and well-groomed skin, which will be useful in any society and at any event. There are Top 5 remedies that will help to achieve an excellent effect:

The summer of 2020 in New York and many other cities of the world will be special. People will not be able to enjoy the rest, as it was before. During the pandemic, all entertainment venues in the city were closed. In the near future, one should not expect their discovery. The weather in New York will be different. In June there will be light rain. There will still be quite cold days. But in July the situation will become much better. Only in any case, now it’s worth thinking about your health. You should not gather in large companies even if the weather is very good.

We used to admire movie heroes who, without thinking twice on the screen, could save an entire planet from the invasion of alien creatures or terrorists. But today, everything has changed. Now we bow to the doctors who every day save us from a serious threat - covid19. One of the heroes of the present is Adriano Soso. This person works as a physician at the New York Hospital, which is considered the epicenter of Covid-19. Despite the fact that the disease is contagious and no vaccine for this disease has yet been found, Adriano Sosa aims to do everything to reduce the number of infected people in the city. A doctor daily risks his own life so that the city can recover as soon as possible.

The editors of My New York special thanks to all the doctors. Thank you for being there!

here are heroes in New York. It is very nice to see now. Chef @chefcozzolino provides support to doctors who save patients from covid19 every day. I would like to say Thank you very much to every person who is not indifferent to problems in society today.

If you live in New York, you probably know a lot about this city. Huge, beautiful and unpredictable. Perhaps with these words you would describe New York. There are several facts that set the city apart from the rest. We invite you to learn about everything in more detail.

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За все время