За все время

New York is still one of the most attractive cities in the world. Here dreams come true and a new story begins. Now everyone needs to wait a bit. After some time, the city will come to life again. Covid 19 cannot last forever.

Summer is coming soon. But many people today are not at all in a summer mood. Men and women all over the world are depressed due to quarantine. Covid19 introduces its adjustments in everyday life. If you are already tired of this whole situation, then let's look from the other side. Due to the fact that there are fewer cars on the streets, the environmental situation has improved. After universal quarantine, the world will be much better. It is a fact!

Let's just wait. Well, to create a truly summer mood is possible with the help of green plants at home. If fresh flowers in pots grow on your windowsill, then this is just wonderful !!! They provide the necessary oxygen. Green is very good for the eyes. You can dilute your interior with some green objects. If you really lack nature, then turn on the sounds of rain on your mobile and imagine a rainforest. It is very calming and gives strength. And let summer settle in your heart !!! In the photo: @beibei.shark

Recently, a large number of people around the world have abandoned beautiful outfits in favor of simple home clothes. If you are sitting at home, then this is not a reason to look bored !!! Create your mood yourself. Get out your very outfits and create gorgeous looks thanks to the advice of a stylist. Each of you now has the opportunity to work a little on your appearance. Go for it !!! Now is a great time of the year. You can please yourself with bright spring-summer prints.

If fashion means a lot to you and you have not lost your sense of style during the period of self-isolation, then a few tips from the stylist Gayle Perry are right for you. This gorgeous girl has an impeccable taste and knows exactly what to wear for any occasion.

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За все время