New York before the coronavirus

The day in New York is just beautiful, and the night is mysterious in its own way. New York is a city in which life boils around the clock. A temporary lull in the city came only during the coronavirus. But we hope that everything will return. Let's recall the entertainment that was very popular:

Depression has been familiar to Americans since 1929, when the economic crisis swept the country and people went on hunger strikes because they simply did not want to die. (The phrase "great depression" has gone down in history forever and still causes horror among citizens). But, despite the fact that now is the 21st century, and there are no big problems in the country, the depression itself still torments citizens. Recently, psychotherapists have become much more patients. And the situation with coronavirus only several times increased the number of people with depressive disorders. Now many are interested in the question of how to make depression no longer bother you?!


American cuisine is quite diverse. Here you can easily find popular Italian, French and Swedish dishes. But all over the world, fast food is considered real American food. Most Americans love burgers and fries. But at the moment you should not eat a lot of fast food! This can be very bad for your body shape and overall health.You can diversify your daily life with light salads and fresh fruits. Fresh fruity smoothie without milk is a great addition to breakfast. Also in the daily diet should be present: Olives and olive oil Corn (but not Popcorn) Vegetables and fruits from red flowers. Still need to eat more citrus. They contain vitamin C. This will prevent you from getting sick.

Times Square is the most famous street in the world. She was visited by a huge number of people. The street got its current name in 1904. Most often, the street is also called the crossroads of the world. Now Times Square is a real symbol of America. Almost all residents of the country have a photo in Times Square. Do you have such a photo?

Recently, the world has undergone significant changes. Now it’s quite difficult to meet people who dare to walk around the city! Residents of different countries seemed to be back in the past when there was an epidemic. Empty streets cause different thoughts. Many people think of films. Only now is all this really happening. Scriptwriters no longer need to invent something.Let's imagine the scenario of a film about the end of the world together. What can be a movie about if you do not rely on the current situation and zombies.



Ahead of summer. But to relax, as it was before, will not work. The pandemic has long made its adjustments. Do not worry! There are 10 types of activities that will help you not to be bored while being in home quarantine:

Street fashion in New York is different from what we often see in various fashion magazines. New Yorkers are always ready to experiment with their appearance. Among the huge number of people in the crowd, you can find women in strict business suits and even women in fairly candid and slightly vulgar dresses. But self-expression is precisely a feature of the city. Feel free to change your own style. This can be very helpful. New York has always been a vibrant and colorful city. Residents should not be the same. During the period of self-isolation, you can realize your design fantasies. And you can also be inspired by images of our heroes on Instagram. In the photo: @vforvaleta

The history of New York is very interesting. This city was founded at the beginning of the 17th century and only after 1664 it gained its current name. Until this time, the city was called New Amsterdam. Thanks to the Duke of York, we know New York as it is. There was a battle for US independence, which also took place in Brooklyn. After that, for some time the city was a military base for the British. Only 7 years later, New Yorkers managed to take over the city again. In the 19th century, the population of the city increased. Now New York is one of the most important cities in the United States. Each person has their own story. For everyone - this is their interesting, vibrant and unique New York.

On the picture: @sumikonoie

The streets of New York are world famous. And all thanks to many famous films that are broadcast in different corners of the globe. Let's recall the most vivid films in which you can see New York:

Quarantine is the time to create new culinary or scientific masterpieces, watch your favorite TV shows and create a new image. If you have long wanted to change something in yourself, then start with the color of your hair. Alexandria Hiers will help you with this. Read her tips ➡️